Local Time

Science / Tides and Currents / Local Time: Time in which noon is defined by the transit of the Sun over the local meridian as distinguished from standard time which is based upon the transit of the Sun over a standard meridian. Local time may be either mean or apparent, according to whether reference is to the mean or actual Sun. Local time was in general use in the United States until 1883, when standard time was adopted. The use of local time in other parts of the world has also been practically abandoned in favor of the more convenient standard time.
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Other Words for Local

Local Verb Synonyms: provincial, regional, district, state, county, shire, municipal, city, town, village, neighborhood, restricted, limited, specific, particular, peculiar
Local Adjective Synonyms: resident, native, townsman, townswoman, townsperson
Local Noun Synonyms: neighborhood, neighbouring, nearby, close by, adjoining

Other Words for Time

Time Noun Synonyms: period, interval, stretch, spell, patch

Local Mean Time

Science / Astrology / Local Mean Time: The actual time in a given location based upon the Sun's position at the Midheaven (noon) of the place. Abbreviated LMT; also called True Local Time (TLT). MORE

Screen Time

Technology / Television (TV) / Screen Time: The duration of a program--which is normally shorter than the time represented in the program's narrative (that is, its story time). E.g., the story time of one soap opera episode is typically a day o MORE


Technology / Digital Cameras / Self-Timer: A setting that allows a lapse between pressing the shutter button and firing of the camera. MORE