Level Of No Motion

Science / Tides and Currents / Level Of No Motion: A level (or layer) at which it is assumed that an isobaric surface coincides with a geopotential surface. A level (or layer) at which there is no horizontal pressure gradient force.
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Other Words for Level

Level Noun Synonyms: horizontal, prone, supine
Level Verb Synonyms: aim, point, draw a bead, direct, train, focus
Level Adjective Synonyms: even, smooth, plane, uniform, plain, flat, flush, straight, true

Other Words for Motion

Motion Verb Synonyms: movement, moving, change, shift, shifting, action, going, travelling, travel, progress, passage, transit, activity, commotion, stir, agitation, turmoil, turbulence
Motion Noun Synonyms: mobility, movability, motility

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