Science / Tides and Currents / L2: Smaller lunar elliptic semi diurnal constituent. This constituent, with N2, modulates the amplitude and frequency of M2 for the effect of variation in the Moon's orbital speed due to its elliptical orbit. Speed = 2T – s + 2h – p = 29.528,478,9° per solar hour.
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L2 Cache

Technology / Computers / L2 Cache: Stands for level two cache. A memory cache housed outside the processor core, but still a part of the CPU. Typically larger and slower than the L1 cache. MORE

Aluminum Oxide (Poly Crystal)

Health / Dentistry / Aluminum Oxide (Poly Crystal): A fused AL203 biocompatible material. MORE

Secondary Cache

Technology / Computers / Secondary Cache: Also referred to as 'Level 2 cache' or 'L2'. In general, L2 cache memory resides on a separate external chip from the microprocessor chip. However, The Pentium Pro processor has an L2 cache on the sam MORE