Kappa Prime

Science / Tides and Currents / Kappa Prime: Name of Greek letter (with prime mark) used as the symbol for a constituent phase lag or epoch when the Greenwich equilibrium argument (G) has been modified to a particular time meridian. Same as g. See kappa (6) and epoch (1).
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Prime Vertical

Science / Astrology / Prime Vertical: The great circle that rises vertically from the east point of the horizon and passes through Earth's zenith and nadir. MORE

Prime Rate Fund

Business / Finance / Prime Rate Fund: A mutual fund that buys portions of corporate loans from banks and pays the interest to shareholders. MORE

Prime Rate

Business / Finance / Prime Rate: The interest rate that banks charge to their most creditworthy customers. The prime rate is an important reference number, because loans to companies are often tied to it on a percentage basis. See al MORE


Business / Construction / Primer: The first, base coat of paint when a paint job consists of two or more coats. A first coating formulated to seal raw surfaces and holding succeeding finish coats. MORE

Spot Prime

Life Style / Painting / Spot Prime: The process of applying a primer to areas where paint has been removed or stripped to the original surface. MORE

Subprime Lenders

Business / Real Estate / Subprime Lenders: Lenders who specialize in B, C, or D catagory paper. MORE