Gulf Stream

Science / Tides and Currents / Gulf Stream: A North Atlantic Ocean current setting northeastward off the east coast of the United States. A segment of the Gulf Stream System, the Gulf Stream extends from the region off Cape Hatteras to an area southeast of the Grand Banks at about latitude 40° north, longitude 50° west. It continues the flow of the Florida Current to the North Atlantic Current.
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Other Words for Gulf

Gulf Noun Synonyms: bay, bight, cove, inlet, sound, loch or sea loch, firth or frith, fiord or fjord, Irish lough, creek

Other Words for Stream

Stream Verb Synonyms: flow, rush, swarm, tide, flood, deluge, succession, series, row, line, string, chain, barrage, queue
Stream Noun Synonyms: brook, brooklet, streamlet, rivulet, tributary, river, freshet, run, watercourse, waterway, channel, literary rill, runnel, N beck, burn, NE except in placenames kill, creek, branch

Gulf Stream System

Science / Tides and Currents / Gulf Stream System: The continuous current system composed of the Florida Current, Gulf Stream, and North Atlantic Current. MORE


Technology / Computers / Streaming: 1) In tape backup, data is transferred from the hard disk as quickly as the tape can record, so that it is not required to stop or start. 2) In modern application, refers to data being transmitted fro MORE

Stream Order

Science / Geology / Stream Order: A classification system that represents the relative position of streams in a drainage basin. The highest tributaries in the basin are first order streams. These converge to form second order streams, MORE