Flood Axis

Science / Tides and Currents / Flood Axis: The average set of the tidal current at strength of flood.
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Other Words for Flood

Flood Verb Synonyms: inundation, deluge, overflow(ing), d�b�cle
Flood Noun Synonyms: abundance, deluge, overflowing, surge, outpouring, torrent, tide, tidal wave, stream, rush, flow, glut, surfeit, satiety, profusion, over-abundance, superabundance, nimiety, plethora, excess, surplus, superfluity

Pap (Positive Axis Point)

Entertainment / Bowling / Pap (Positive Axis Point): The point on the ball that is equidistant from all points of the release ball track. MORE


Entertainment / Literature / Parataxis: Rhetorically juxtaposing two or more clauses or prepositions together in strings or with few or no connecting conjunctions or without indicating their relationship to each other in terms of co-ordinat MORE


Entertainment / Photography / Photoflood: Artificial light source using a tungsten filament lamp and a dish reflector. MORE

Positive Axis Point (Pap)

Entertainment / Bowling / Positive Axis Point (Pap): The axis of the ball during the first few revolutions that is created totally by the bowler's release style. MORE

Optical Axis

Entertainment / Photography / Optical Axis: Is an imaginary line passing horizontally through the center of a compound lens system. MORE

On Axis

Technology / Home Audio / On Axis: A listening experience which takes place with the ear precisely lined up with the central pressure axis of the emitter. Headphones are a normative example of this effect. Sitting directly in front of MORE