Electric Tape Gauge

Science / Tides and Currents / Electric Tape Gauge: A gauge consisting of a graduated Monel metal tape on a metal reel (with supporting frame), voltmeter, and battery. Heights can be measured directly by unreeling the tape into its stilling well. When contact is made with the water's surface, the circuit is completed and the voltmeter needle moves. At that moment the length of tape is read against an index mark, the mark having a known elevation relative to the bench marks.
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Other Words for Electric

Electric Verb Synonyms: charged, tense, energized, stimulating, exciting, thrilling, galvanizing, electrifying, moving, stirring

Other Words for Gauge

Gauge Adjective Synonyms: judge, evaluate, appraise, assess, rate, estimate, guess, technical also gage
Gauge Noun Synonyms: measure, determine, weigh, calculate, compute, reckon, figure, technical also gage
Gauge Verb Synonyms: standard, yardstick, criterion, benchmark, basis, measure, norm, model, example, pattern, rule, touchstone, test, guide, guideline, litmus test, also gage

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Tape Noun Synonyms: strip, band, fillet, stripe, strap, belt, ribbon
Tape Verb Synonyms: (tape) recording, reel, spool, cassette, video

On The Tape

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