Science / Tides and Currents / Crest: The highest point in a propagating wave. See high water and tidal wave.
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Crest Adjective Synonyms: top, summit, pinnacle, peak, head, ridge
Crest Noun Synonyms: seal, device, figure, badge, emblem, insigne, symbol, design
Crest Verb Synonyms: culminate, reach, top, top out

Ridge Crest

Health / Dentistry / Ridge Crest: The highest continuous surface of the alveolar ridge. MORE

Thread Crest

Business / Machine Shop / Thread Crest: The top surface joining the two sides of a thread. MORE


Business / Finance / Cross: CREST is CrestCo's real-time settlement system for U.K. and Irish shares and other corporate securities. CrestCo has provided settlement systems for government bonds and money market instruments in th MORE