Science / Tides and Currents / Component: ( 1) Same as constituent.(2) That part of a tidal current velocity which, by resolution into orthogonal vectors, is found to flow in a specified direc tion.
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Component Objec Module (COM)

Technology / Computers / Component Objec Module (COM): Stands for Component Object Module. This is a Microsoft standard created to allow for the communication of computer components (or objects) on the same computer system. This specification is very usef MORE

Component (HD) Video Connection

Technology / Television (TV) / Component (HD) Video Connection: The output of a high definition video device (such as an HDTV set-top box), or the input of an HDTV receiver or monitor, comprised of (3) primary-color signals: red, green, and blue - each on a separa MORE

Component Video Cable

Entertainment / Video Games / Component Video Cable: Currently the state-of-the-art in console video cables, separates the video into three wires that carry the red, green, and blue signals. These wires have five plugs, including the red/white plugs for MORE

Component cable

Entertainment / Video Games / Component cable: Component video cables allow your console to be connected to your television in a way that results in higher video quality than a standard composite cable. They also allow for a high definition signal MORE

Component System

Technology / Home Audio / Component System: This term is used in relation to speaker systems, to indicate a system in which separate mounting arrangements are provided for each component of the system. In a typical car system you might see a wo MORE

Hum Components

Technology / Home Audio / Hum Components: The residual artifact harmonics of the AC power supply. In the U.S. the use a 60-Hz system, places the most annoying 2nd and 3rd harmonics at 120 Hz and 180 Hz. For Europe, and other parts of the worl MORE