Compass Error

Science / Tides and Currents / Compass Error: The angular difference between a compass direction and the corresponding true direction. The compass error combines the effects of deviation and variation.
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Other Words for Error

Error Adjective Synonyms: mistake, inaccuracy, fault, flaw, blunder, slip, gaffe, misprint, typographical error, erratum, solecism, literal, slip-up, goof, clanger, fluff, boo-boo, howler, bloomer, foul-up, boner, boob

Gross Error

Science / Chemistry / Gross Error: Gross errors are undetected mistakes that cause a measurement to be very much farther from the mean measurement than other measurements. MORE

Forced Error

Entertainment / Tennis / Forced Error: When an opponent hits a difficult shot that causes the player to miss. As opposed to the unforced error MORE

Iron Compass

Technology / Aviation / Iron Compass: Railroad tracks, favored by pilots of yore as a dependable aid to surface navigation before radio. MORE

Liquid Compass

Technology / Aviation / Liquid Compass: A non-electronic, calibratable compass floating in a liquid as a panel instrument: aka WET COMPASS. MORE

Magnetic Compass

Technology / Aviation / Magnetic Compass: The most common liquid-type compass, capable of calibration to compensate for magnetic influences within the aircraft. MORE

Logic Error

Technology / Programming / Logic Error: An error that the computer never notices, but that you notice because your darn program doesn't do what you want it to do. MORE