Apparent Secular Trend

Science / Tides and Currents / Apparent Secular Trend: The non-periodic tendency of sea level to rise, fall, or remain stationary with time. Technically, it is frequently defined as the slope of a least-squares line of regression through a relatively long series of yearly mean sea-level values. The word 'apparent' is used since it is often not possible to know whether a trend is truly non-periodic or merely a segment of a very long oscillation (relative to the length of the series).
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Other Words for Apparent

Apparent Adjective Synonyms: evident, plain, clear, obvious, patent, unmistakable, conspicuous, marked, manifest, visible, discernible

Other Words for Secular

Secular Noun Synonyms: worldly, terrestrial, mundane, temporal, material, lay, laic or laical, non-clerical, non-ecclesiastic(al), non-spiritual, non-religious, civil, state

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Trend Adjective Synonyms: fashion, style, vogue, mode, look, rage, fad, craze, thing
Trend Noun Synonyms: tendency, leaning, bias, bent, drift, course, inclination, direction

Secular Variation

Science / Geology / Secular Variation: Slow changes in the orientation of the Earth's magnetic field that appear to be long lasting and internal in origin as opposed to rapid fluctuations, which are external in origin. MORE

Secular Music

Entertainment / Music / Secular Music: Nonreligious music: when texted, usually in the vernacular. MORE

Secular Market

Business / Taxes / Secular Market: A secular market is one that moves in the same direction — up or down — for an extended period. Benchmark indexes continue to rise to new, higher levels during a secular bull market despite some s MORE