Science / Tides and Currents / Analog: A continuous measurement or a continuous graphic display of data. See ADR gauge and marigram.
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Analog TV

Technology / Television (TV) / Analog TV: Analog TV is the NTSC Standard for traditional television broadcasts. Analog signals vary continuously, representing fluctuations in color and brightness. MORE

Analogue Digital Converter (ADC)

Technology / Digital Cameras / Analogue Digital Converter (ADC): Analogue to Digital Converter, this takes the analogue output and is able to turn it into digital format so that it can be manipulated and altered by the DSP. MORE

Linguistic Analogy

Entertainment / Literature / Linguistic Analogy: The modification of grammatical usage from the desire for uniformity. For instance, a child who states, 'I broked the toy' or a man who says 'I knowed the truth' is merely attempting to regularize the MORE

Analogous Structures

Science / Biology / Analogous Structures: Body parts that serve the same function in different organisms, but differ in structure and embryological development; e. g., the wings of insects and birds. MORE

Analog control

Entertainment / Video Games / Analog control: Unlike digital control, which simply registers a button push or joystick direction, analog control is highly sensitive and takes into account to what degree the button or joystick is pushed. In 3D gam MORE

Analogous Colours

Life Style / Painting / Analogous Colours: A grouping of related colours next to each other on the colour wheel. Example: Yellow, Yellow Green, and Green. MORE