Systematic Desensitization

Science / Psychiatry / Systematic Desensitization: A behavior therapy procedure widely used to modify behaviors associated with phobias. The procedure involves the construction of a hierarchy of anxiety-producing stimuli by the subject, and gradual presentation of the stimuli until they no longer produce anxiety.
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Other Words for Systematic

Systematic Noun Synonyms: organized, systematized, planned, methodical, businesslike, orderly, well-organized, well-ordered, regular, routine, standardized, standard

Systematic Withdrawal

Business / Taxes / Systematic Withdrawal: Systematic withdrawal is a method of receiving income in regular installments from your mutual fund accounts, retirement plans, or annuity contracts. Generally, you decide how much you want to receive MORE

Systematic Withdrawal Plan

Business / Finance / Systematic Withdrawal Plan: Only the systematic portion of risk matters in large, well-diversified portfolios. Thus, expected returns must be related only to systematic risks. MORE


Science / Biology / Systematics: The classification of organisms based on information from observations and experiments; includes the reconstruction of evolutionary relatedness among living organisms. Currently, a system that divides MORE

Unsystematic Risk

Business / Finance / Unsystematic Risk: Foreign exchange market intervention in which the monetary authorities have not insulated their domestic money supplies from the foreign exchange transactions. MORE

Systematic Risk Principle

Business / Finance / Systematic Risk Principle: Also called undiversifiable risk or market risk. MORE

Systematic Risk

Business / Finance / Systematic Risk: An approach involving regular investments in order to take advantage of dollar-cost averaging. MORE