Science / Psychiatry / Suppression: The conscious effort to control and conceal unacceptable impulses, thoughts, feelings, or acts.
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Suppression Noun Synonyms: suppressing, ending, end, discontinuation, discontinuing, cutting off, cut-off, cessation, ceasing, surcease, stopping, stop, terminating, termination, halting, halt, prohibiting, prohibition, preclusion, precluding, preventing, prevention, repressing, re

Suppression List

Technology / Email / Suppression List: A list of email addresses kept by a single organization that should not be mailed to any longer. Usually owners of the addresses on the list have specifically requested inclusion. Required by CAN-SPAM MORE

Suppression File

Technology / Email / Suppression File: A list of email addresses you have removed from your regular mailing lists, either because they have opted out of your lists or because they have notified other mailers that they do not want to receiv MORE

Dynamic Range Suppression

Technology / Home Audio / Dynamic Range Suppression: A signal compression technique which raises the level of lower passages without affecting overall volume. Especially useful with high noise levels, such as a moving vehicle. MORE