Science / Psychiatry / Splitting: A mental mechanism in which the self or others are reviewed as all good or all bad, with failure to integrate the positive and negative qualities of self and others into cohesive images. Often the person alternately idealizes and devalues the same person.
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Lane Splitting

Technology / Motorcycle / Lane Splitting: Lane Splitting is the process of riding your motorcycle in the same lane with cars or other motorcycles. Normally it is done at low speeds with cars stopped or nearly so. California is a state that do MORE

Crystal Field Splitting Energy

Science / Chemistry / Crystal Field Splitting Energy: (Delta) Ligands complexed to a metal ion will raise the energy of some of its d orbitals and lower the energy of others. The difference in energy is called the crystal field splitting energy. MORE

Gift Splitting

Business / Finance / Gift Splitting: A piece of property or asset given from one living person to another. MORE

Order Splitting

Business / Finance / Order Splitting: Breaking up orders so that they can be processed as small orders for execution by SOES. Prohibited by NASD. MORE

Cell Splitting

Technology / Cell Phones / Cell Splitting: The process of creating more coverage and capacity in a wireless system by having more than one cell site cover a particular amount of geography. Each cell site covers a smaller area, with lower power MORE


Entertainment / Photography / Bi-Refringence: Splitting of light passing through certain kinds of crystals into two rays at polarized right angles to each other. MORE