Reciprocal Inhibition

Science / Psychiatry / Reciprocal Inhibition: In behavior therapy, the hypothesis that if anxiety-provoking stimuli occur simultaneously with the inhibition of anxiety (e.g., relaxation), the bond between those stimuli and the anxiety will be weakened.
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Other Words for Inhibition

Inhibition Verb Synonyms: self-consciousness, restraint, constraint, impediment, hindrance, bar, barrier, defense, defense mechanism, blockage, interference, check, curb, stricture

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Reciprocal Noun Synonyms: mutual, exchanged, returned, complementary, correlative, common, shared, joint, requited

Reciprocal Review

Business / Human Resources (HR) / Reciprocal Review: An appraisal method where the subordinate and the manager are evaluated by each other based on agreed-upon performance criteria. MORE

Reciprocal Translocation

Science / Genetics / Reciprocal Translocation: When a pair of chromosomes exchange exactly the same length and area of dna. Results in a shuffling of genes. MORE

Reciprocal Links

Business / Internet Marketing / Reciprocal Links: Links between two sites, often based on an agreement by the site owners to exchange links. MORE

Reciprocal Link

Business / Search Engine Optimization (SEO) / Reciprocal Link: Nepotistic link exchanges where websites try to build false authority by trading links, using three way link trades, or other low quality link schemes. When sites link naturally there is going to be s MORE

Non Reciprocal Link

Business / Search Engine Optimization (SEO) / Non Reciprocal Link: if site A links to site B, but site B does not link back to site A, then the link is considered non reciprocal. Search engines tend to give more value to non-reciprocal links than to reciprocal ones b MORE

Reciprocal Inhibition

Health / Fitness / Reciprocal Inhibition: Reflex relaxation in a muscle being stretched. MORE