Science / Psychiatry / Receptor: A protein molecule that resides on the surface or in the nucleus of a cell. Receptors recognise and bind specific molecules of an appropriate size, shape and charge.
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Receptor Sites

Health / Dentistry / Receptor Sites: Areas in bone or soft tissue which are prepared to receive an implant. MORE

Receptor Site Former

Health / Dentistry / Receptor Site Former: A duplicate form of a root shaped or blade shaped body of an implant. Designed to form an osseous implant receptor site for implant shapes that are not prepared with rotating instruments. Utilized for MORE

Receptor Population

Health / Disease / Receptor Population: People who could come into contact with hazardous substances [see exposure pathway]. MORE

D2 (Dopamine Type 2) Receptors

Science / Psychiatry / D2 (Dopamine Type 2) Receptors: One of a number of receptor sites in the brain where antipsychotics have antagonist effects, to suppress the symptoms of schizophrenia. MORE

Glutamate Receptors

Science / Chemistry / Glutamate Receptors: Glutamate receptors are protein molecules that helps gate the flow of ions across a nerve cell's membrane. They play a role in the formation of new connections between nerve cells (and so, in learning MORE


Science / Biology / Rods: Light receptors in primates eyes that provide vision in dim light. MORE