Science / Psychiatry / Projection: A defense mechanism, operating unconsciously, in which what is emotionally unacceptable in the self is unconsciously rejected and attributed (projected) to others.
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Projection Noun Synonyms: proposal, outlining, mapping, mapping out, presenting, presentation
Projection Verb Synonyms: protrusion, protuberance, bulge, extension, overhang, ledge, flange, ridge, eminence, prominence, spur, crag, outcropping

Back Projection

Entertainment / Photography / Back Projection: Projection system often used to create location backgrounds in the studio. MORE


Entertainment / Fantasy Football / Projections: The predicted statistics of NFL players used to help determine a player's fantasy value. MORE

Three-Dimensional Projection Matching

Science / Spiders / Three-Dimensional Projection Matching: a method of refinement in reconstructing single particles from their projections [Penczek et al., 1994]. A preliminary 3D map, obtained by random-conical reconstruction or angular reconstitution, is u MORE

Projection Cutting

Entertainment / Photography / Projection Cutting: Any method of printing in which the image is optically projected on the sensitized material. MORE

Front Projection

Entertainment / Photography / Front Projection: Method of projection which allows you to combine a figure in a studio with a previously photographed background scene. The image is projected from the camera position onto a special reflective backgro MORE


Science / Spiders / Back-Projection: a method of 3D reconstruction from 2D projections. It is based on superposing 3D functions ('back-projection bodies') obtained by translating the 2D projections along the directions of projection. To MORE