Science / Psychiatry / Phobia: persistent irrational fear of an activity or object. This leads to avoidance. The fear is out of proportion of the reality of the threat
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Phobia Adjective Synonyms: fear, horror, terror, dread, hatred, detestation, abhorrence, loathing, execration, aversion, revulsion, repugnance, dislike, distaste, antipathy, disquiet, nervousness, qualm, distrust, suspicion, apprehension, worry

Social Phobia

Science / Psychiatry / Social Phobia: fear of interactions in public settings MORE

Simple Phobia

Science / Psychiatry / Simple Phobia: fear of discrete objects or situations MORE


Science / Psychiatry / Counterphobia: Deliberately seeking out and exposing onself to, rather than avoiding, the object or situation that is consciously or unconsciously feared. MORE


Science / Psychiatry / Algophobia: Fear of pain. MORE


Science / Psychiatry / Agoraphobia: literally a fear of the market place. Generally high levels of anxiety and phobic symptoms. May include a fear of crowds, open and closed spaces and travelling by public transport MORE