Oral Stage

Science / Psychiatry / Oral Stage: The earliest of the stages of infantile psychosexual development, lasting from birth to 12 months or longer. Usually subdivided into two stages: the oral erotic, relating to the pleasurable experience of sucking; and the oral sadistic, associated with aggressive biting. Both oral eroticism and sadism continue into adult life in disguised and sublimated forms, such as the character traits of demandingness or pessimism. Oral conflict, as a general and pervasive influence, might underlie the psychological determinants of addictive disorders, depression, and some functional psychotic disorders.
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Other Words for Oral

Oral Noun Synonyms: spoken, said, verbal, uttered, voiced, vocal, vocalized, enunciated, pronounced, articulated, word-of-mouth, viva voce

Other Words for Stage

Stage Verb Synonyms: position, situation, grade, level, stratum, tier, echelon, step, station, place, point, spot, juncture, division, phase, lap, status, condition
Stage Noun Synonyms: platform, dais, podium, rostrum

Oral Tradition

Entertainment / Music / Oral Tradition: Music that is transmitted by example or imitation and performed from memory. MORE

Oral Toxicity

Business / Agriculture / Oral Toxicity: Ability of a chemical to cause injury when ingested by mouth. MORE

Oral Transmission

Entertainment / Literature / Oral Transmission: The spreading or passing on of material by word of mouth. Before the development of writing and the rise of literacy, oral transmission and memorization was the most common means by which narrative an MORE