Science / Psychiatry / Neurotransmitter: (nur-o-trans-mit-er) Molecules that carry chemical messages between nerve cells. Neurotransmitters are released from neurons, diffuse across the minute space between cells (synaptic cleft), and bind to receptors located on post-synaptic neuronal surfaces.
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Science / Biology / Neurotransmitters: Chemicals released from the tip of an axon into the synaptic cleft when a nerve impulse arrives; may stimulate or inhibit the next neuron. The chemical that crosses the synaptic cleft and causes the t MORE

Serotonin (Ser-O-To-Nin)

Science / Psychiatry / Serotonin (Ser-O-To-Nin): Neurotransmitter that relays impulses between nerve cells (neurons) in the central nervous system. Functions thought to be regulated by nerve cells that utilize serotonin include mood and behavior, ph MORE