Science / Psychiatry / Mood: A pervasive and sustained emotion that colors the perception of the world. Common examples of mood include depression, elation, anger, and anxiety. In contrast to affect, which refers to more fluctuating changes in emotional weather, mood refers to a more pervasive and sustained emotional climate.
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Mood Adjective Synonyms: humour, attitude, inclination, disposition, nature, temper, frame of mind, spirit, atmosphere, sense, feeling

Moodys Investors Service, Inc.

Business / Taxes / Moodys Investors Service, Inc.: Moody's is a financial services company best known for rating investments. Moody's rates bonds, common stock, commercial paper, municipal short-term bonds, preferred stocks, and annuity contracts. Its MORE

Moodys Investment Grade

Business / Finance / Moodys Investment Grade: A rating of one through four assigned by Moody's Investor Service to municipal short-term bonds. MORE

Dysphoric Mood

Science / Psychiatry / Dysphoric Mood: An unpleasant mood, such as sadness, anxiety, or irritability. MORE

Euphoric Mood

Science / Psychiatry / Euphoric Mood: exaggerated feeling of well-being. It is pathological. MORE

Elevated Mood

Science / Psychiatry / Elevated Mood: An exaggerated feeling of well-being, or euphoria or elation. A person with elevated mood may describe feeling high, ecstatic, on top of the world, or up in the clouds. MORE

Moodys Investors Service

Business / Finance / Moodys Investors Service: A security and bond rating agency publishing bond manuals and a common stock handbook annually. MORE