Science / Psychiatry / Mirroring: 1) The empathic responsiveness of the parent to the developing childs grandiose-exhibitionistic needs. Parental expressions of delight in the childs activities signal that the childs wishes and experiences are accepted as legitimate. This teaches the child which of his or her potential qualities are most highly esteemed and valued. Mirroring validates the child as to who he or she is and affirms his or her worth. The process transforms archaic aims to realizable aims, and it determines in part the content of the self-assessing, self-monitoring functions and their relationships to the rest of the personality. The content of the superego is the residue of the mirroring experience. 2) A technique in psychodrama in which another person in the group plays the role of the patient, who watches the enactment as if gazing into a mirror. The first person may exaggerate one or more aspects of the patients behavior. Following the portrayal, the patient is usually encouraged to comment on what he or she has observed.
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