Middle Insomnia

Science / Psychiatry / Middle Insomnia: Awakening in the middle of the night followed by eventually falling back to sleep, but with difficulty.
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Other Words for Middle

Middle Adjective Synonyms: midriff, waist, mid-section, stomach
Middle Noun Synonyms: central, centre, halfway, mid, midway, mean, medial, mesial

Middle Lamella

Science / Biology / Middle Lamella: A layer composed of pectin that cements two adjoining plant cells together. MORE

Middle Iron

Entertainment / Golf / Middle Iron: (also 'mid iron, mid-iron') generally irons 5 through 7, which are in the middle of the range of irons in terms of length, loft, etc. MORE

Middle Latitudes

Science / Weather / Middle Latitudes: The latitude belt roughly between 35 and 65 degrees North and South. May be referred to as the temperate region. MORE

Middle Passage

Entertainment / Literature / Middle Passage: The sea-voyage from Africa to the West Indies and/or the Americas commonly used by slave-traders. It plays a prominent part in slave-narratives and abolitionist literature, including works such as Aph MORE

Terminal Insomnia

Science / Psychiatry / Terminal Insomnia: Awakening before ones usual waking time and being unable to return to sleep. MORE


Technology / Cell Phones / Middleware: The mix-and-match communications software that acts as a universal translator between diverse radio frequency technologies and protocols. Middleware resides on a remote client and a communications ser MORE