Initial Insomnia

Science / Psychiatry / Initial Insomnia: Difficulty in falling asleep.
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Other Words for Initial

Initial Adjective Synonyms: original, primary, first, prime, beginning, incipient, inaugural, opening, introductory, commencing


Entertainment / Literature / Initialism: Any word, whether an acronym or an alphabetism, formed from the first letters of other words. See discussion under acronym for more information. MORE

Initial Rate

Business / Real Estate / Initial Rate: The inital rate charged to a borrower for the first adjustment period of an adjustable rate mortgage. MORE

Initial Public Offering (IPO)

Business / Finance / Initial Public Offering (IPO): When buying securities on margin, the proportion of the total market value of the securities that the investor must pay for in cash. The Security Exchange Act of 1934 gives the Board of Governors of t MORE


Science / Psychiatry / Insomnia: A subjective complaint of difficulty falling or staying asleep or poor sleep quality. Types of insomnia include MORE

Middle Insomnia

Science / Psychiatry / Middle Insomnia: Awakening in the middle of the night followed by eventually falling back to sleep, but with difficulty. MORE

Terminal Insomnia

Science / Psychiatry / Terminal Insomnia: Awakening before ones usual waking time and being unable to return to sleep. MORE