Science / Psychiatry / Incorporation: A primitive defense mechanism, operating unconsciously, in which the psychic representation of a person, or parts of the person, is figuratively ingested.
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Incorporation By Reference

Health / Health Insurance / Incorporation By Reference: The method of making a document a part of a contract by referring to it in the body of the contract. MORE

Charter (Articles Of Incorporation)

Business / Accounting / Charter (Articles Of Incorporation): A document issued by a state that gives legal status to a corporation and details its specific rights, including the authority to issue a certain maximum number of shares of stock. MORE

Articles Of Incorporation

Business / Finance / Articles Of Incorporation: Legal document establishing a corporation and its structure and purpose. MORE

Gene Transfer

Science / Genetics / Gene Transfer: Incorporation of new dna into and organism's cells, usually by a vector such as a modified virus. Used in gene therapy. MORE