Science / Psychiatry / Illusion: A misperception or misinterpretation of a real external stimulus, such as hearing the rustling of leaves as the sound of voices. See also hallucination.
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Illusion Noun Synonyms: deception, delusion, fancy, misconception, misapprehension, fallacy, error, mistake, mistaken or false impression

Illusion Of Depth

Technology / Television (TV) / Illusion Of Depth: The ability of the two-dimensional television image to create an illusion whereby space seems to recede into the image. A telephoto lens creates a small illusion of depth and a wide-angle lens creates MORE

Delusion of doubles ( lillusion de soises)

Science / Psychiatry / Delusion of doubles ( lillusion de soises) : delusional belief that a person known to an individual has been replaced by a double. It is seen in Capgras syndrome. MORE