Science / Psychiatry / Identification: A defense mechanism, operating unconsciously, by which one patterns oneself after some other person. Identification plays a major role in the development of ones personality and specifically of the superego. To be differentiated from imitation or role modeling, which is a conscious process.
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Identification Adjective Synonyms: connection, recognition, distinguishing, indication, perception, detection, selection, naming, labelling, pinpointing, designation, characterization, denomination, authentication, verification, establishment, certification, substantiation, corroboration
Identification Noun Synonyms: connection, association, affiliation, empathy, sympathy, rapport, relationship

Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)

Technology / Motorcycle / Vehicle Identification Number (VIN): VIN stands for Vehicle Identification Number. It's much the same as the VIN used to identify a car. Each manufacturer seems to have a different coding system for the VIN placed on their bikes. The own MORE

Air Defense Identification Zone (ADIZ)

Technology / Aviation / Air Defense Identification Zone (ADIZ): The area of airspace over land or water, extending upward from the surface, within which the ready identification, the location, and the control of aircraft are required in the interest of national se MORE

Mobile Identification Number (MIN)

Technology / Cell Phones / Mobile Identification Number (MIN): Uniquely identifies a mobile unit within a wireless carrier's network. The MIN often can be dialed from other wireless or wireline networks. The number differs from the electronic serial number (ESN), MORE

Projective Identification

Science / Psychiatry / Projective Identification: A term introduced by Melanie Klein to refer to the unconscious process of projection of one or more parts of the self or of the internal object into another person (such as the mother). What is projec MORE

Specific Identification

Business / Accounting / Specific Identification: A method of valuing inventory and determining cost of goods sold whereby the actual costs of specific inventory items are assigned to them. MORE

Student Identification Card (ID)

Life Style / College / Student Identification Card (ID): A student I.D. is usually required in college. It is similar to a driver's license and generally includes a photograph of the student, a student number, the student's name, the name of the college, an MORE