Gender Role

Science / Psychiatry / Gender Role: Attitudes, patterns of behavior, and personality attributes defined by the culture in which the person lives as stereotypically masculine or feminine social roles.
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Other Words for Role

Role Noun Synonyms: r´┐Żle, part, character, impersonation, lines


Technology / Television (TV) / Proletariat: In Marxist terms, the working class: this least powerful group works to survive, selling its labor to the bourgeoisie. MORE


Life Style / Poetry / Prolepsis: Anticipation. MORE


Science / Geology / Petroleum: A group of liquid hydrocarbons that includes: crude oil, lease condensate, unfinished oils, refined products obtained from the processing of crude oil, and natural gas liquids. MORE


Entertainment / Literature / Parole: In Ferdinand de Saussure's theory of semiology, parole is the use of language--i.e., manifestations of actual speech and writing. Parole contrasts with langue, the invisible underlying system of langu MORE


Entertainment / Literature / Role: Another term for an actor's part in a play. MORE

Role Playing

Business / Human Resources (HR) / Role Playing: A training method in which each participant purposely acts out or assumes a particular character or role. MORE