Science / Psychiatry / Fusion: The union and integration of the instincts and drives so that they complement each other and help the organism to deal effectively with both internal needs and external demands.
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Herbal Infusion

Life Style / Tea / Herbal Infusion: Often referred to as 'herbal tea' or 'herbal tisane'. These teas are mixtures of herbs and do not contain any 'tea' leaves. MORE

Enthalpy Of Fusion

Science / Chemistry / Enthalpy Of Fusion: The change in enthalpy when one mole of solid melts to form one mole of liquid. Enthalpies of fusion are always positive because melting involves overcoming some of the intermolecular attractions in t MORE


Life Style / Tea / Infusion: The process of extracting elements from tea, herbs, fruits or berries by submersing in boiling water. This process is often used for obtaining medicinal properties from herbs. MORE

Infusion Therapy

Health / Dentistry / Infusion Therapy: Treatment accomplished by placing therapeutic agents into the vein, including intravenous feeding. Such therapy also includes enteral nutrition, which is the delivery of nutrients into the gastrointes MORE

Nuclear Fusion

Science / Chemistry / Nuclear Fusion: Combination of two smaller nuclei to form a larger nucleus. The larger nucleus has higher binding energy per nucleon than the original nuclei, and fusion results in the release of energy. MORE

Lighting Diffusion

Technology / Television (TV) / Lighting Diffusion: The hardness or softness of a light source. Hard light casts a sharp, definite shadow. MORE