Science / Psychiatry / Ego: part of the mental apparatus that is present at the interface of the perceptual and internal demand systems. It controls voluntary thoughts and actions, and, at an unconscious level, defense mechanisms.
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Negotiated Sale

Business / Finance / Negotiated Sale: Determining the terms of an offering by negotiation between the issuer and the underwriter rather than through competitive bidding by underwriting groups. MORE

Negotiated Underwriting

Business / Finance / Negotiated Underwriting: A securities offering process in which the purchase price paid to the issuer and the public offering price are determined by negotiation rather than through competitive bidding. MORE

Oregon grape root (Mahonia aquifolium)

Health / Herbs / Oregon grape root (Mahonia aquifolium): Antimicrobial, source of berberine which is an antimicrobial for several bacteria (see goldenseal for more on berberine). MORE

Os Category

Life Style / Travel / Os Category: On carnival cruise lines, os is an 'outside guarantee' cabin. When you book this category you will be guaranteed accommodation in an outside cabin. MORE

Negotiated Reading

Technology / Television (TV) / Negotiated Reading: In cultural studies, the interpretation of the text that partially accepts and partially rejects the meanings that the text emphasizes. MORE

Negotiated Offering

Business / Finance / Negotiated Offering: An offering of securities for which the terms, including underwriters' compensation, have been negotiated between the issuer and the underwriters. MORE