Science / Psychiatry / Delusion: false personal belief based on incorrect inference about external reality and firmly held despite evidence to the contrary. Not explicable on the grounds of the patients cultural or social background.
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Delusion Noun Synonyms: deception, trick, stratagem, artifice, ruse, pretence

Nihilistic Delusion

Science / Psychiatry / Nihilistic Delusion: delusional belief that oneself, or others or the world does not exist or is about to cease to exist MORE

Persecutory Delusion

Science / Psychiatry / Persecutory Delusion: A delusion in which the central theme is that one (or someone to whom one is close) is being attacked, harassed, cheated, persecuted, or conspired against. MORE

Primary Delusion

Science / Psychiatry / Primary Delusion: delusion arriving fully formed without any discernable connection with previous events MORE

Somatic Delusion

Science / Psychiatry / Somatic Delusion: A delusion whose main content pertains to the appearance or functioning of ones body. MORE

Bizarre Delusion

Science / Psychiatry / Bizarre Delusion: A delusion that involves a phenomenon that the persons culture would regard as totally implausible. MORE

Delusions Of Reference

Science / Psychiatry / Delusions Of Reference: the behaviour of others or objects and event (e.g. television broadcasts) believed to refer to oneself in particular. When similar thoughts are held with less than delusional intensity they are called MORE