Cri Du Chat

Science / Psychiatry / Cri Du Chat: A type of mental retardation. The name is derived from a catlike cry emitted by children with this disorder, which is caused by partial deletion of chromosome 5.
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Other Words for Chat

Chat Verb Synonyms: converse, gossip, talk, chit-chat, gab, chew the fat or the rag, jaw, witter, natter, rap, bullshit
Chat Noun Synonyms: conversation, colloquy, talk, small talk, gossip, palaver, chit-chat, t�te-�-t�te, heart-to-heart, gab, chin-wag, confab, witter, natter, rap, gabfest, bull session

Parallax Reduction

Science / Tides and Currents / Parallax Reduction: A processing of observed high and low waters to obtain quantities depending upon changes in the distance of the Moon, such as perigean and apogean ranges. MORE

Pas De Chat

Entertainment / Ballet / Pas De Chat: step of the cat. The dancer jumps sideways, and while in mid-air, bends both legs up (two retires) bringing the feet up as high as possible, with knees apart. The Dance of the Cygnets from Swan Lake i MORE

Payment Schedule

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Payroll Deduction

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Oxygen Technique (Primary Productivity)

Science / Marine Biology / Oxygen Technique (Primary Productivity): The estimation of primary productivity by the measurement of the rate of oxygen increase MORE

Oxidation Product

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