Science / Psychiatry / Compensation: A defense mechanism, operating unconsciously, by which one attempts to make up for real or fancied deficiencies. Also a conscious process in which one strives to make up for real or imagined defects of physique, performance skills, or psychological attributes. The two types frequently merge. See also overcompensation.
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Indirect Compensation

Business / Human Resources (HR) / Indirect Compensation: Compensation that is not paid directly to an employee and is calculated in addition to base salary and incentive pay (i.e., health/dental/vision insurance, vacation, retirement benefits, educational b MORE

Denied Boarding Compensation

Life Style / Travel / Denied Boarding Compensation: Compensation (money, free flight, or hotel accommodations) provided to an involuntarily bumped airline passenger with a confirmed reservation. MORE

Executive Compensation

Business / Human Resources (HR) / Executive Compensation: Compensation packages specifically designed for executive-level employees that include items such as base salary, bonuses, perquisites and other personal benefits, stock options and other related comp MORE