Central Aphasia

Science / Psychiatry / Central Aphasia: difficult in arranging words in their correct sequence
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Other Words for Central

Central Adjective Synonyms: middle, medial, median, inner, inside

Error Of Central Tendency

Business / Human Resources (HR) / Error Of Central Tendency: A rating error occurring when the rater displays a propensity to assign only average ratings to all individuals being rated. MORE

European Central Bank (ECB)

Business / Finance / European Central Bank (ECB): European equivalent of NASDAQS. MORE


Business / Human Resources (HR) / Decentralization: The process of assigning decision-making authority to lower levels within the organizational hierarchy. MORE


Business / Human Resources (HR) / Centralization: The process of consolidating all decision-making authority under one central group or location. MORE

Central Vent

Science / Geology / Central Vent: The largest vent of a volcano, situated at the center of its cone. MORE

Expressive Aphasia

Science / Psychiatry / Expressive Aphasia: difficulty in expressing thoughts in words whilst comprehension remains. MORE