Auditory Hallucination

Science / Psychiatry / Auditory Hallucination: A hallucination involving the perception of sound, most commonly of voices. Some clinicians and investigators would not include those experiences perceived as coming from inside the head and would instead limit the concept of true auditory hallucinations to those sounds whose source is perceived as being external.
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Other Words for Hallucination

Hallucination Verb Synonyms: fantasy, mirage, day-dream, illusion, delusion, vision, dream, aberration, chimera, phantasm, phantom, figment of the imagination, apparition, spectre, ghost, par�sthesia


Science / Psychiatry / Pseudohallucination: form of imagery arising in the subjective inner space and lack the substantiality usual of normal perceptions. MORE

Olfactory Hallucination

Science / Psychiatry / Olfactory Hallucination: A hallucination involving the perception of odor, such as of burning rubber or decaying fish. MORE

Reflex Hallucination

Science / Psychiatry / Reflex Hallucination: stimulus in one sensory field leads to a hallucination in another sensory field MORE