Science / Psychiatry / Anima: In Jungian psychology, a persons inner being as opposed to the character or persona presented to the world. Further, the anima may be the more feminine soul or inner self of a man, and the animus the more masculine soul of a woman.
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Animal Welfare Act

Business / Agriculture / Animal Welfare Act: P.L. 89-544 (August 24, 1966) was enacted to curb the theft and mistreatment of dogs and cats for experimental and research purposes. The principal federal animal protection law, it has been amended s MORE

Animated Gif (Gif89a)

Business / Internet Marketing / Animated Gif (Gif89a): A GIF animation tool that creates sequences of images to simulate animation and allows for transparent Background colors. Animated GIF's can generate higher response rates than static banners. MORE

Animal Feeding Operation

Business / Agriculture / Animal Feeding Operation: Facilities where animals are kept and raised in confined situations: feed is brought to the animals. The General Accounting Office estimates that there are 450,000 such operations nationwide. When lar MORE

Animal Massage

Health / Massage / Animal Massage: Both pets and performance animals experience soft-tissue damage in their daily lives just as humans do. Therapeutic massage provides significant relief, stimulates healing, and promotes stress reducti MORE

Animal Damage Control (ADC) Program

Business / Agriculture / Animal Damage Control (ADC) Program: Renamed in 1997 as the Wildlife Services (WS) program, it is an Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service effort to protect agriculture, natural resources, property or endangered species from unwante MORE

Healing Touch For Animals

Health / Massage / Healing Touch For Animals: Developed by Carol Komitor and adapted from the Healing Touch program, Healing Touch for Animals (HTA) is an energy-medicine modality combining philosophies, techniques, and applications to promote en MORE