Agonist Medication

Science / Psychiatry / Agonist Medication: A chemical entity that is not naturally occuring within the body which acts upon a receptor and is capable of producing the maximal effect that can be produced by stimulating that receptor. A partial agonist is capable only of producing less than the maximal effect even when given in a concentration sufficient to bind with all available receptors.
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Entertainment / Literature / Protagonist: The main character in a work, on whom the author focuses most of the narrative attention. See character. MORE

Neuroleptic Medications

Science / Psychiatry / Neuroleptic Medications: Medications used in the treatment of schizophrenia and other serious mental illnesses. Alternative term for antipsychotics – usually applied to typical/conventional antipsychotics. MORE

Psychotropic Medication

Science / Psychiatry / Psychotropic Medication: Medication that affects thought processes or feeling states and used in the treatment of mental disorders. MORE