Science / Geology / Rounding: The degree to which the edges and corners of a particle become worn and rounded as a result of abrasion during transportation. Expressed as angular, subrounded, well-rounded, etc.
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Entertainment / Literature / Unrounding: The process of changing from a rounded vowel to a spread vowel. For instance, in the vowel u, Chaucer would have pronounced the letter as in the word full. By the 1500s, that sound changed to become t MORE


Science / Chemistry / Surroundings: In thermodynamics, the surroundings refer to the universe outside the system. MORE

Intentional Grounding

Entertainment / Football / Intentional Grounding: A type of illegal forward pass; thrown without an intended receiver and no chance of completion to any offensive player, for the sole purpose of conserving time or loss of yardage. This foul costs the MORE