Science / Geology / Replacement: The dissolving or disintegration of one material followed by precipitation of a new material in its place.
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Replacement Property

Business / Real Estate / Replacement Property: The property acquired in the exchange. MORE

Replacement Value

Business / Finance / Replacement Value: Current cost of replacing the firm's assets. MORE

Replacement-Chain Problem

Business / Finance / Replacement-Chain Problem: Idea that future replacement decisions must be taken into account in selecting among projects. MORE

Stock Replacement Strategy

Business / Finance / Stock Replacement Strategy: The accounting a brokerage firm keeps of all securities held in inventory. MORE

Automatic Dialogue Replacement (ADR)

Technology / Television (TV) / Automatic Dialogue Replacement (ADR): The replacement of lines of dialogue during post-production. Also known as looping. MORE

Replacement Deposit

Science / Geology / Replacement Deposit: A deposit of ore minerals by hydrothermal solutions that have first dissolved the original mineral to form a small cavity. MORE