Remote Sensing

Science / Geology / Remote Sensing: The collection of information about an object or area from a distance. Methods employed include photography, radar, spectroscopy and magnetism.
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Other Words for Remote

Remote Adjective Synonyms: distant, far-away, far-off, removed, outlying, inaccessible

Remote Extender

Technology / Television (TV) / Remote Extender: A remote extender is a device that allows you to use an Infrared (IR) remote to control a satellite receiver from another room. MORE

Remote Managers

Business / Human Resources (HR) / Remote Managers: A manager who supervises employees who perform their work at a site other then the employer’s premises. MORE

Remote Sensing

Business / Agriculture / Remote Sensing: The act of detecting objects when the sensor is not in direct contact: commonly refers to using aerial photographs to observe conditions on the Earth’s surface. In agriculture, this technology can b MORE

UHF Remote

Technology / Television (TV) / UHF Remote: Ultra High Frequency remote control that can operate the receiver from another room. An IR (Infra Red) remote needs to be in line-on-sight with the receiver. MORE

Remote Employees

Business / Human Resources (HR) / Remote Employees: Employees who work off company premises and are removed from their supervisors or mangers. MORE

Remote Disbursement

Business / Finance / Remote Disbursement: Technique that involves writing checks drawn on banks in remote locations so as to maximize disbursement float. MORE