Science / Geology / Ray: A linear landform of the lunar surface emanating from a large crater and extending as much as 100 kilometers outward, probably consisting of fine ejecta thrown out by the impact of a meteorite.
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Ray Adjective Synonyms: beam, shaft, bar, streak, pencil, gleam, flash
Ray Noun Synonyms: glimmer, trace, spark, scintilla, flicker


Life Style / Painting / Spraying: A method of application in which the coating material is broken up into a fine mist that is directed onto the surface to be coated. MORE


Entertainment / Golf / Spray: Hitting the ball wildly in all directions with no consistency MORE


Business / Finance / Stray: A method of bond indexing that divides the index into cells, each cell representing a different characteristic, and that buys bonds to match those characteristics. MORE

Stray Line

Science / Tides and Currents / Stray Line: Ungraduated portion of line connected with the current pole formerly used in taking current observations. The stray line was usually about 100 feet long and permitted the pole to acquire the velocity MORE


Entertainment / Liquor / Tanqueray: Clear and pungent, with citrus and juniper aromas. Very flavoursome with a tart cut, snappy spice and alcoholic heat on the finish MORE

Sea Spray

Science / Weather / Sea Spray: Sometimes called salt spray, it is the drops of sea water (salt water) blown from the top of a wave. MORE