Radiative Transfer

Science / Geology / Radiative Transfer: One mechanism for the movement of heat, in which it takes the form of long-wavelength infrared radiation.
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Other Words for Transfer

Transfer Verb Synonyms: move, transport, convey, remove, carry, take, deliver, bring, transmit, cart, haul, shift, hand (on or over), turn over, give, pass (on or along or over)

Transfer of Credits

Life Style / College / Transfer of Credits: Some students attend more than one institution during their college career. When they move or transfer from one college to another, they also transfer accumulated credit hours from the former institut MORE

Transfer Degree (AA-AS)

Life Style / College / Transfer Degree (AA-AS): Transfer degrees are designed for students who want to complete their first two years of college work and then transfer on to a four-year institution. Associate in Arts and Associate in Science degree MORE

Transfer Of Development Rights (TDR)

Business / Agriculture / Transfer Of Development Rights (TDR): Property rights that may not be used on the land from which they were derived: usually they are sold from areas where uses are restricted, such as active agricultural areas, to receiving or growth are MORE

Transfer Of Meaning

Entertainment / Literature / Transfer Of Meaning: A change in meaning--often poetic in origin--in which a word's referent alters by a figure of speech such as a synecdoche, a metaphor, or a metonym. For instance, consider the phrase, 'all hands on de MORE

Transfer Price

Business / Finance / Transfer Price: Payments from a government to its citizens, such as welfare and other government benefits. MORE

Transfer Payments

Business / Accounting / Transfer Payments: (See government transfer payments.) MORE