Pyroclastic Texture

Science / Geology / Pyroclastic Texture: The unsorted, angular, and un-rounded texture of the fragments in a pyroclastic rock.
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Other Words for Texture

Texture Verb Synonyms: feel, surface, character, grain, features, consistency, weave, configuration, nature, structure, fabric, constitution, substance

Texture Mapping

Entertainment / Video Games / Texture Mapping: The programming technique that draws graphical patterns on polygons. This allows smooth surfaces to look bumpy or shaded. MORE

Texture Paint

Life Style / Painting / Texture Paint: Paint that can be manipulated by brush, roller, trowel or other tool to produce various effects. MORE

Texture Screen

Entertainment / Photography / Texture Screen: Transparent film or glass printed with a fine background pattern. They're interposed between the image and the paper to break up large areas of tone or for special effects. MORE

Texture (Rock)

Science / Geology / Texture (Rock): The rock characteristics of grain or crystal size, size variability, rounding or angularity, and preferred orientation. MORE


Science / Geology / Texture: The visible characteristics of a rock which include its grain size, grain orientation, rounding, angularity or presence of vesicles. MORE

Pyroclastic Rock

Science / Geology / Pyroclastic Rock: A rock formed when small particles of magma are blown from the vent of a volcano by escaping gas. MORE