Pelagic Sediment

Science / Geology / Pelagic Sediment: A ocean sediment that accumulates far enough from land that detrital materials are a minor component. These sediments are largely composed of the tiny shell debris of radiolarians and foraminifera.
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Other Words for Sediment

Sediment Noun Synonyms: lees, dregs, deposit, grounds, precipitate, remains, residue, settlings, residuum, detritus

Sedimentary Structure

Science / Geology / Sedimentary Structure: A structure in a sedimentary rock that forms at or near the time of deposition and reveals information about the depositional environment. Examples include: ripple marks, cross-bedding, mud cracks, an MORE

Sedimentary Rock

Science / Biology / Sedimentary Rock: Any rock composed of sediment, i.e., solid particles and dissolved minerals. Examples include rocks that form from sand or mud in riverbeds or on the sea bottom. MORE


Science / Biology / Sediment: Loose aggregate of solids derived from preexisting rocks, or solids precipitated from solution by inorganic chemical processes or extracted from solution by organisms. MORE

Pelagic Zone

Science / Biology / Pelagic Zone: One of the two basic subdivisions of the marine biome; consists of the water above the sea fioor and its organisms. MORE


Science / Chemistry / Sedimentation: Separation of a dense material (usually a solid) from a less dense material (usually a liquid) by allowing the denser material to settle out of the mixture. MORE


Business / Agriculture / Sediments: Particulate material, including soil, sand, and minerals, transported and deposited by water or wind (see erosion). Waterborne sediments cloud the water diminishing sunlight available to aquatic plant MORE