Parent Element

Science / Geology / Parent Element: A radioactive element that spontaneously decays into a new substance. The product of this decay is known as a 'daughter' element.
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Other Words for Element

Element Adjective Synonyms: component, constituent, ingredient, essential, fundamental, part, unit, piece, segment, feature, factor, detail, particular
Element Noun Synonyms: environment, atmosphere, situation, locale, territory, sphere, habitat, medium, domain

Other Words for Parent

Parent Verb Synonyms: father or mother, progenitor, progenitrix, procreator, begetter, materfamilias or paterfamilias, foster-parent, stepmother or stepfather, guardian, old lady or old man, facetiousmater or pater

Rare Earth Element

Science / Chemistry / Rare Earth Element: A metallic element that belongs to Group 3B or to the lanthanide series. MORE

Savings Element

Business / Finance / Savings Element: Used in the context of life insurance, the cash value built up in a policy, which equals the amount of premium paid minus the cost of protection. This excess is invested by the insurance company, and MORE


Life Style / Painting / Semi-Transparent: A degree of hiding greater than transparent but less than opaque. MORE

Semi-Transparent Stain

Life Style / Painting / Semi-Transparent Stain: A stain that alters the natural color of the wood while allowing the grain and texture to show through. MORE

Parental Lockout

Technology / Television (TV) / Parental Lockout: Parental Lockout allows users to set a password to control access to programming based on channel, rating or content. MORE

Parental Leave

Business / Human Resources (HR) / Parental Leave: A benefit designed to provide employees with approved paid or unpaid time off following the birth or adoption of a child or to care for a dependent. MORE