Oscillation Ripple Marks

Science / Geology / Oscillation Ripple Marks: Symmetrical ridges in sand or other sediment that are caused by a back-and-forth wave action.
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Other Words for Ripple

Ripple Adjective Synonyms: ruffle, purl, undulate, wave, splash, wash, riffle
Ripple Noun Synonyms: wavelet, wave, ruffle, ruffling, cat's-paw, purl, purling, undulation, riffle, riffling

Ripple (Speaker)

Technology / Home Audio / Ripple (Speaker): The maximum deviation from flat response, measured in decibels-it indicates the port's effect on woofer output. MORE

Ripple Marks

Science / Geology / Ripple Marks: A series of parallel or sub-parallel ridges in sand or sediment that is caused by the rhythmic or directional movement of wind or water. MORE

Ripple (Amplifier)

Technology / Home Audio / Ripple (Amplifier): A train of pulses that occurs when AC is changed to DC via a rectifier. These pulses are left on the DC if not filtered and regulated properly, or if toomuch current is being drawn. MORE


Science / Geology / Ripple: A very small dune of sand or silt whose long dimension is formed at right angles to the current. River order MORE

Pre-Trade Benchmarks

Business / Finance / Pre-Trade Benchmarks: Prices occurring before or at the decision to trade. MORE

Ripple The Twine

Entertainment / Ice Hockey / Ripple The Twine: Scoring a goal. MORE