Oscillation Ripple

Science / Geology / Oscillation Ripple: A ripple with a symmetrical cross section and a sharp peak formed by waves.
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Other Words for Ripple

Ripple Adjective Synonyms: ruffle, purl, undulate, wave, splash, wash, riffle
Ripple Noun Synonyms: wavelet, wave, ruffle, ruffling, cat's-paw, purl, purling, undulation, riffle, riffling

Ripple (Speaker)

Technology / Home Audio / Ripple (Speaker): The maximum deviation from flat response, measured in decibels-it indicates the port's effect on woofer output. MORE

Ripple Marks

Science / Geology / Ripple Marks: A series of parallel or sub-parallel ridges in sand or sediment that is caused by the rhythmic or directional movement of wind or water. MORE

Ripple The Twine

Entertainment / Ice Hockey / Ripple The Twine: Scoring a goal. MORE

Southern Oscillation

Science / Weather / Southern Oscillation: A periodic reversal of the pressure pattern across the tropical Pacific Ocean during El NiÑo events. It is represents the distribution of temperature and pressure over an oceanic area. MORE

Ripple (Amplifier)

Technology / Home Audio / Ripple (Amplifier): A train of pulses that occurs when AC is changed to DC via a rectifier. These pulses are left on the DC if not filtered and regulated properly, or if toomuch current is being drawn. MORE


Science / Geology / Ripple: A very small dune of sand or silt whose long dimension is formed at right angles to the current. River order MORE