Ore Mineral

Science / Geology / Ore Mineral: A mineral that contains a high enough concentration of a useful element or compound that the element or compound can be extracted at a profit.
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Science / Geology / Mineral: A naturally occurring element or compound with a precise chemical formula and a regular internal lattice structure. Organic products are usually not included. MORE


Science / Biology / Microspores: Four haploid cells produced by the meiotic division in the pollen sacs of fiowers or microsporangia of gymnosperms. Microspores undergo mitotic division and become encased in a thick protective wall t MORE

Microspore Mother Cell

Science / Biology / Microspore Mother Cell: Cells in the microsporangium that undergo meiosis to produce microspores. In flowering plants the microspore is known as the pollen grain, and contains a three-celled male. MORE

Mineral Interest

Science / Geology / Mineral Interest: An ownership, lease, concession, or other contractual interest that gives a party the right to explore and extract mineral resources on a property. MORE

Mineral Lease

Science / Geology / Mineral Lease: A contract in which a mineral interest owner conveys to another party a right to explore for, develop, and produce mineral resources. The lessee acquires a working interest and the lessor retains a ro MORE

Mineral Spirits

Life Style / Painting / Mineral Spirits: An effective paint thinner, especially when using oil based paints. MORE