Oil Field

Science / Geology / Oil Field: An underground accumulation of oil and gas concentrated beneath an impermeable trap, preventing its escape upward.
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Other Words for Field

Field Noun Synonyms: battlefield, battleground, airfield, (cricket) pitch, football or hockey or soccer field, gridiron
Field Verb Synonyms: ground, land, arable, pasture, grassland, meadow, green, lawn, common, clearing, tract, area, acreage, greensward, lea, sward, mead

Other Words for Oil

Oil Noun Synonyms: lubricant, grease, lubricator, unguent

Oil Reinforcement

Entertainment / Photography / Oil Reinforcement: Is a method of altering the tonal range of prints on matte or textured fiber papers. The dried print is rubbed with a medium consisting of two parts of turpentine to one of mastic varnish and one of l MORE

Oil Shale

Science / Geology / Oil Shale: A dark-colored shale containing an unusual amount of solid organic material known as kerogen. This shale can be crushed and heated to liberate gaseous and liquid hydrocarbons. At present the expenditu MORE

Oil Mist Lubrication-Wet Sump

Technology / Motors / Oil Mist Lubrication-Wet Sump: Similar to Oil Mist Lubrication - Dry Sump, except that a pool of oil is developed in the bearing chamber. This oil pool will continue to supply oil to the bearing in the event that the oil mist is in MORE

Oil Mist Lubrication-Dry Sump

Technology / Motors / Oil Mist Lubrication-Dry Sump: A method for lubricating anti-friction bearings which utilizes oil dispersed on an air stream. The mist is exhausted from the bearing housing so as not to permit oil to accumulate. MORE

Oil Filter

Technology / Motorcycle / Oil Filter: An Oil Filter filters the oil in the engine. Changing the oil and oil filter is one task that many riders do for themselves. Consult your owner's manual for recommended intervals and oil weights to us MORE

Oil Hardening

Business / Machine Shop / Oil Hardening: The process of quenching in oil when heat treating alloy steel to bring out certain qualities. MORE